Portfolio Sequentials

Sin Sentient

My creator owned graphic novel, about a supernatural beings that trade in the business of human souls, and how that trade can soon become a very dangerous gamble of imbalance and the destruction of the universe as we know it. The whole  story centers around the Sins of the world and how the manipulate the underworld of demons and fallen angels as well as creatures and concepts that are thought to be completely fictional.

copyright by N. Phumaphi


A Quirky lil’ comic I did a while ago. The lil’ guy is having trouble taking photos of his favourite flower.

copyright by N. Phumaphi


My creator owned graphic novel, based in Southern African folklore. The comic follows “Taboka” as she tries to find her tribe.

copyright by N. Phumaphi


My creator owned graphic novel, about a lunar religious society that comes to conflict with its beliefs and way of life.

copyright by N. Phumaphi

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